Although many students may think sleeping for less than eight hours is not a big deal, the various effects sleep has on mental health, physical health, and academic life are serious. Less than eight hours of sleep can cause forgetfulness and hypertension. According to a study done by the University of California, sleeping for less than eight hours leads to memory loss and brain deterioration.


As August settled and the reality of a fourth and final return to Cardinal Hayes High School was approaching, I was preoccupied with ensuring my senior year would be as smooth and stress-free as possible. When my final pre-year packet arrived, I was eager to see my schedule as I hoped for the easiest classes possible. While going through my schedule, I was content and happy with what I saw. When I arrived to my listed “English 12”...

No matter who you are, you have probably found yourself procrastinating at one point or another. Once you understand what procrastination really is, then you will be able to avoid it. Procrastination can be defined as the space between your objective and its execution. Procrastination is all about putting off something so you can feel good at that moment. Although procrastination may feel satisfying, it has multiple negative effects. Procrastination causes stress, affects efficiency, and eventually causes grief.

I can tell you first hand that senior year can be very stressful. Most people believe that senior year is the easiest year in high school, so they start to slack off on their studies. However, this is not the case. There is a lot of pressure that comes with being a senior such as, the college application process, grades, recommendations, SATs, extra-curriculars, FAFSA, EOP, and the dreaded college essay. Nonetheless, all of this can be handled with one simple thing, time management. 

With new games like Overwatch, Titanfall 2, and Battlefield 1, and the most recent Call of Duty, it’s easy to become a gameaholic. For most people, playing video games is not a serious “addiction,” but is a way to entertain themselves during the day. A gameaholic is a person who is addicted to games, continually trying to get that platinum trophy or increase their rank.


dear helpful hayesman


Dear Helpful Hayesman;

I have a serious problem. Last year, when I did my shadow day at Hayes, there was practice for the school play and so there were lots of girls in the school. I didn’t know anything about Hayes before, it looked good, the girls seemed nice, so I decided to come here. Now I get here and it’s ALL BOYS!!! Do you think maybe we’ll go co-ed some day??

Hopeful at Hayes

Dear Hopeful,                                                                      

I think you should try out for the play next year.


Dear Helpful Hayesman,

Please help me!! I bought this Fidget spinner because I heard that it would help me calm down and focus so I could do better in class. But since I’ve gotten it, my grades are even worse! I spin and spin and spin it all through class – I can spin it on my fingers, on my shoe, even on my nose! I stare at it and watch it spin round and round and round, but my grades just keep going down and down and down! What should I do?

Still Spinning

Dear Spinny,

Here’s the solution: spin that thing right into the garbage and get back to work!

Dear Hh;

Yesterday Mr. Turnbull took my phone and now I’m worried about my streaks. Do you think he’d let me just stop by real quick to send some? Or maybe he’d do them for me? Can you ask him, cause I’m not trying to get 5 days and a Saturday, but my streaks!                      

                                                                             Sincerely,                                                                                              Sad without my Snaps

Dear Sad,

I don’t see why Mr. Turnbull wouldn’t be delighted to spend some of his free time doing your snaps – go for it! And by the way, it was nice knowing you.


Dear Helpful Hayesman;

I am exhausted. My homeroom is on the first floor, 1st period is on the third floor, 2nd is either the GYM or the Mezzanine, and back up to the third floor for 3rd period! My whole day is like this. And even though I’m running up and down the stairs, from one end of the building to the other, I still haven’t found the pool yet! Please help me!!

From a Frustrated Freshman

Dear Frustrated,

Keep on looking – one day you’ll figure it out!