advice for gameaholics 



By Jose Cruz III '20

 With new games like Overwatch, Titanfall 2, and Battlefield 1, and the most recent Call of Duty, it’s easy to become a gameaholic. For most people, playing video games is not a serious “addiction,” but is a way to entertain themselves during the day. A gameaholic is a person who is addicted to games, continually trying to get that platinum trophy or increase their rank.

 According to, “spending more time playing computer games than any other activity, having intense feelings of both pleasure and guilt about playing, and experiencing negative emotions such as anxiety or depression when you can’t play” might mean you have an addiction.

The main victims of gameaholicism are usually tweens or teenagers. notes that adults may suffer from more damaging effects from gameaholicism than teens considering the responsibilities adults have. However, teenagers can still be negatively affected by gameaholicism because, much like adults, they have lots of work to complete. Many students complain about too much homework when actually it is gameaholicsm that is distracting them from completing and sometimes even starting their homework. It’s especially important for freshmen, as they are transitioning into high school and getting used to the huge amount of work expected from them. The tough transition is often made more difficult when the freshman in question is a gameaholic.


One way to prevent gameaholicism is to avoid checking if your friends are online. When one’s friends are online, the person in question is more likely to start playing with said friend, preventing the person from completing the work assigned to them. Another way to prevent gameaholicism is to stay away from the gaming console and staying close to someone like a parent or guardian so they can stop you from playing your game. Playing video games is not bad when it doesn’t clash with the completion of important assignments and doesn’t prevent you from doing other activities, like making social connections. Joining the Gaming Club is a way to enjoy playing games and socialize with your fellow students at the same time.