Speaking out against ANTIFA


By Xavier Nunez '17

“The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascist” - Winston Churchill

The election of Donald Trump has stirred our country greatly and the general response has the nation appearing to be in shambles. Rioting and protests in D.C and other cities have turned violent numerous times, small businesses have been destroyed, and civilians have been pepper-sprayed and even injured. The police has had to break up protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets. During this time, anarcho-communist groups such as Antifa have risen and threaten to bring down the current establishment while making the American left look like fools. During a time where peaceful transition of power needs to occur the opposite has taken place. Violent protest in response to Trump’s election is unnecessary and will hinder the future of the democratic party; Antifa and the Black Blocs are harming our democratic country.

Right now the Democratic party has lost the election and the response from extreme leftists is appalling. My article would hope to persuade the current Hayes classes to not look at the Democratic party simply by the actions of Antifa which currently are featured on the news often. It would also shed light on why violent protest is unnecessary in America while offering personal opinions on how to properly present liberal policies.