By Rishi Pendharkar '20

I went to the Bye Bye Birdie show on Sunday and when I reached the Regis Philbin auditorium at Cardinal Hayes High School, it was almost completely full. After watching the first half of the show I could see why the play was a must-see. The show started off slowly and then began to pick up speed as the scenes progressed. The set as beautiful and perfectly set the scene for all the settings of the play. The characters were all dressed appropriately for the time in which this play takes place, which is the late 1950’s.

bye bye bird 2.jpg
bye bye bird.jpg

In my opinion, the characters’ costumes were one of the best part of the show because they really set the scene. For example Albert Peterson, played by Dario Vasquez, wore a suit throughout the play, which was similar to what men would wear casually back during those times. As my classmate Gregory Clarke said, “Even though we were joking around with him (Dario Vasquez), at the end of the day he was brave enough to get on that stage and all his work paid off”. 

Another part of the play that I especially enjoyed was the songs and music throughout the play. The introduction of Conrad Birdie in the play was fun because more songs and music were played. I personally enjoyed this because the music was actually really good and the dancing during the show was well-choreographed. Greg thought the part when Conrad Birdie got punched by Kim’s boyfriend was pretty funny because no one expected it to happen.

My overall judgement of Bye Bye Birdie was good and I was impressed. This was the first school play that I have seen at Hayes and I am impressed by the directing and the overall experience of going to the play. Both Greg and I really enjoyed the play and look forward to seeing what comes next year.