The Cardinal Singers and the Holiday Spirit


xmass concert 1.jpg

Cardinal Hayes is known for the way in which Hayesmen and faculty come together as a family during the Thanksgiving and Christmas school mass. The mass is followed up by a celebration of the first few months of the school year. Everyone works together and puts in a great amount of time and effort so these events could be memorable. Hayes hosts a remarkable mass in which all different levels of the concert band performed songs

 that Father Tierney, Cardinal Hayes’ President, sings during the religious ceremony. His performance is followed up by the Cardinal Singers, the school’s choir, who are instructed by Mr. John Del Cueto. During this event, Hayes achieved its goal, which is, as Father Tierney would say, to keep that “Spirit [and] enthusiasm and life that makes Cardinal Hayes High School such a special place for our students, faculty, and staff.”


As a student at Hayes who has performed with both the Cardinal Singers and Concert Band in these events, I can attest that all the effort and work put into these events is rewarding once you see that more than nine hundred people in an auditorium are celebrating in unity. While the Cardinal Singers and the Concert Band showcase their talents in front of the school, the Channel H department introduces the school to a short film.


In their presentation, they reveal highlights from sporting events and entertaining exchanges between faculty and students.This year’s annual Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations exceeded all expectations and the freshman and upperclassmen were able to come together in unity, while staying true to the traditions Hayes has upheld for the past few decades.