Net Neutrality and You: How Net Neutrality Can Affect Schools

by louis rivera '20 - assistant news editor - 

With the Federal Communication Commission's changes to net neutrality, teachers’ and students’ school lives can change for the worse. Internet service providers (ISP) can make deals with websites and companies to favor their businesses in internet service plans. If an ISP makes a deal with a website competing with a teacher’s preferred site, the website will have priority, and if the ISP truly wanted, it could place a paywall behind the teacher’s preferred site. The new net-neutrality rules reveal how we have taken the free use of websites for granted.


“Nah, we did that, Black-owned things”

by L’hussen DeKolia Toure '20  - Editor in Chief -

Rap serves as a vehicle into complex dialogues of issues that impact black communities in a way that is native and consumable. Jay-Z is someone who uses the art of rap as a political device: convincing the black persona to develop black confidence in a way that is subversive. Jay-Z knows his audience, and in analyzing the devices Jay-Z uses to convey his message, we find effective counters to stereotypical perceptions of the Black family.


Tourism In The Dominican Republic

by francisco nuñez '20 - reporter -  

The Dominican Republic is one of 33 countries in Latin America and it is one of the five most visited destinations for tourists. When visiting the country, you are on the eastern side of the island known now as Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic is two-thirds of the island on the east side, and one-third of the island on the west side is Haiti. In pre-Columbian times, Taino Indians inhabited the island. Columbus discovered the island and immediately claimed it for the Spanish Crown, then the Spanish and the French, in turn, dominated it. The country is populated mostly by people of mixed European and African origins.


Fault Line

By Maximus Andujar '19 - reporter -    

America’s tense relationship with North Korea and Russia is causing Americans to fear for the future of their country. North Korea is testing nuclear weapons and glorifying their weapons of mass destruction in parades. In response to the rise of militarism in North Korea, Vice President Mike Pence stated that “all options are on the table.” The circumstances are quite dangerous for both sides.

interview with mr. lameiro

by wilber diaz '20

Late last year, Mr. Francisco Lameiro, Composition 9 and Religion teacher at Cardinal Hayes High School, was promoted to Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs. Mr. Lameiro has been teaching at Hayes since 2005 and still teaches the very challenging Introduction to Church History Class for seniors. In his new role, Mr. Lameiro is working with the faculty to create a better future for Hayes and its students. One of the areas in which he hopes to see more improvement is technology.


mrs. padilla bradley: hayes' first female administrator

by alexander mejia '20

Mrs. Padilla-Bradley is the newly appointed Dean of Studies and is the A.P. Spanish instructor in Cardinal Hayes. Mrs. Bradley, who is proud to be bilingual,  has lived her entire life in the Bronx and is of Puerto Rican descent. Her love of Spanish culture has influenced many of her decisions and her passion for the subject led her to teach A.P. Spanish.  Mrs. Bradley insists that her students strive for excellence and she pushes them to earn second honors and beyond.


speaking out against antifa

by xavier nunez '17

The election of Donald Trump has stirred our country greatly and the general response has the nation appearing to be in shambles. Rioting and protests in D.C and other cities have turned violent numerous times, small businesses have been destroyed, and civilians have been pepper-sprayed and even injured. The police has had to break up protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets...


black & blue lives matter

by l'hussen toure '20

In July of 2013, an unarmed, black, seventeen year old boy, Trayvon Martin, was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a white-hispanic neighborhood watch captain in the gated community Martin was walking through. Black Lives Matter, a group of people who protest police brutality, was started following this murder, prompted by the use of the hashtag blacklivesmatter. People wanted to invoke change to the justice system and reinforce the idea that Black lives should matter and many hate crimes against black people should not go unpunished.